Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candy corn bark

Today, I have a quick and easy treat to share with you...

All you need is a microwave, a sheet pan, and 5 ingredients.  Ready?

Candy Corn Bark
Adapted slightly from The Recipe Girl

Crushed oreos
Crushed pretzel sticks
Candy corn
White bark coating or white candy melts (approx. 16 oz.)
Chocolate sprinkles

  1. Line rimmed baking sheet with wax paper.  
  2. Spread oreos, pretzel sticks & candy corn in single layer.  (You can play with the amounts to fill the pan as needed - leave a little room at the edges.)  
  3. Melt white bark coating and pour over the cookies, candy & pretzels.  Garnish top with additional candy corn and chocolate sprinkles.  
  4. Put pan in freezer to set.  Once hardened, break into pieces and serve.


  1. This looks YUMMY! I love salty and sweet so I was happy to see the pretzels in there. Will have to try this. I am a new Twitter follower from Milk and Cuddles. Vicky from

  2. Sweet and salty combos are the best! And this is such a great idea for a party - quick and a delish conversation piece! I'l be sharing this recipe for sure. Thanks!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  3. chandra - I'm with you. Sweet & salty is where it's at.

  4. Oh man. Now I'm hungry. Those look really, really delicious.

  5. It was dangerous having it around... LOL

  6. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! I LOVE foods like this. Chocolate covered pretzels are my very favorite food. :D This looks sooooo good!


Spoonfuls of sugar...

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