Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

Somehow, I've managed to make it through week 5 of the NFL season with a 4-1 record in my fantasy football league.  I'm pretty proud of my team (the Rush Puppies), especially considering how poorly the season started last year.

Although I'm not really a fantasy football wizard, I like to think that I am a wizard when it comes to throwing a good party.  (I'm so modest, right?) 

So, if you're having friends over to watch a game, you might want to try out these cake pops.  (I made them for the Super Bowl last year, and I hope to make them again soon.)

I took my inspiration from Bakerella and made some cake pops in the shape of footballs.  You can find the basic instructions for making cake pops here.   

For these, I used chocolate cake mixed with chocolate icing.  Then I shaped them into little footballs and chilled them in the freezer.  I melted some chocolate chips and shortening together to dip them in and drew the laces on with white icing.  (Tip: the smaller ones held up a bit better, as the weight of the footballs made a few too heavy to stay on the stick.) 

They were adorable, and tasty too!

Do you make any fun football-themed desserts?


  1. Oh, those are cute! I'm not a big football fan, so I can't offer anything better than football shaped cookies!

  2. Congrats on being a good "coach"! lol! Love those cake pops, I have always wanted to try making them - one of these days I will haha

  3. I will have 5 of those cookies right now, please!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Not a football fan, but those are adorable, not to mention, sound delish! Hmmm... maybe I'll shape mine to look like basketballs? (March Madness lasts all year long at our house.)

  5. houndstooth - Football cookies sound good to me!

    Stacy - They take some time, but they're always a big hit at parties.

    Pip - If only I could send them through the Internet!

    jen - Me too. :)

    Talking Dogs - Basketballs would totally work! You could dip them in orange candy melts and draw black lines on with icing.


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